Partner Yoga Valentina Silvestri


Chòrea Art Studio, Via Veronese, TREVISO

In the morning: intensive practice and in-depth study of the first Ashtanga yoga series. During the practice the teachers will help you in the individual postures.

In the afternoon: Pranayama and partner yoga intensive to experience an approach of trust and abandonment, discovering to be able to dissolve and create space inside us without effort and push, with warmth and joy.

You can also attend only one of the two classes.

With Romina Zuccarello and Valentina Silvestri.


Saturday, November 16th
8.30-9.00: Pranayama
9.00-11.00: 1st series Ashtanga Vinyasa
15.00-15.30: Pranayama
15.30-17.00: Partner yoga
17.00-17.30: Savasana


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