A trip to Nepal, to discover its spirituality, appreciate its religious syncretism between Buddhism and Hinduism, get to know its culture and art of the typical pagoda-shaped temples, and the magnificence of its nature of the peaks of the Himalaya with a brief trekking experience.

The intensive yoga practice will allow us to regenerate and start off every day with a fantastic energy.

With Valentina Silvestri


We’ll visit Kathmandu and get to know the local life, with its crowded roads, the Hindu temples and the Buddhist stupas at every corner, the markets, the colours and the cheerfulness of the Nepalese
We’ll visit sacred places for Hindus, like Pashupatinath, where funeral celebrations and offerings are made to the god Shiva, among the various temples dedicated to him, but we’ll also see Buddhist sacred places, like the cave where Guru Rinpoche reached enlightenment, the site of Swayambunath and the Great Stupa of Boudhanath, considered the largest in the world, and we’ll approach this philosophy through the iconography and legends that surround all these sites.

We’ll practice yoga every morning while visiting sites, while during the trekking experiences we will have the opportunity to put into practice the principles of Pranayama.

We will visit the Unesco sites of Durbar square in Kathmandu, and then in the districts of Patan alongside with its museum, Baktapur, and Kirtipur where we will be able to admire the pagoda temples and works in stone and inlaid wood.

We will move to Pokhara, a quiet town that overlooks a wonderful lake, from where the 4-day trek will start through mule tracks, rice fields, rhododendron trees, banana trees and conifers to reach a 3200 m high hill, from which we’ll be able to admire the rising of the sun among the highest peaks of the world. An unforgettable experience!

We will eat fragrant and delicious food from the culinary tradition typical of the Himalayan areas, the tasty momos, noodles, curry dishes and hot chai that is found in every corner, even in the most hidden places in the mountains at 3000 m of altitude.

An intense experience that will open us to new cultures and new worlds and, perhaps, also to new approaches to living.


Organization: trusted Nepalese agency Vista Trek P.Ltd.

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